Doris CCTV Wireless Remote View setup

23 Feb

Doris CCTV Wireless Remote View setup

First connect the  NVR wireless to router, make sure cables is connected to Wan port on the NVR.


Download the mobile app “FreeIP”  on your phone. and register it with your email address.

1)Open the mobile app and click on Device

2) Click on + Serial number Input

3) Click on SN Add

4)Go to DVR menu, configuration (advance) click on Network, and select P2P tab. You can see 3 QR code on that page, and you need to scan last one which is serial number

Note: Do not scan Iphone or android QR code.

5) Once serial number added by scanning QR code, type in the DVR username and password. Default username is : admin and password: 12345   and click on submit. and you might need to add device name which optional name can be used. For example ” CCTV home” “test” and etc

6) Click on 3 lines on top left hand side of app menu, click on preview.

7) Click on the + sign and select My device.

8) Select the device name you added and select the channel number you would like to see and click on preview.

Note: If no camera connected to NVR, it can not load anything.


9) All done and you should be able to view the cameras live.



Go to DVR menu, network settings, click on P2P tap and check the status. If it shows “offline” it means there is no connection between NVR and router. If it shows “online ” it means NVR is connected to router successfully.



If you getting error message such as device failed or device is not online you need to check the Ethernet cable connected from router to WAN port on back of NVR to make sure it is 100% fit it and make sure cables works properly.

Reboot the router and change the Ethernet cable to another port on back of router, sometimes router Lan port can be faulty.


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